Lyrics : Hitman

(Iceberg want a bag, b*t*h)
(My wrist like an iceberg, tell me what's this life worth?)

I just got a wire for a hundred bands
Don't worry 'bout me, get some money, man (Shut up)
Fifty shots I got for fifty mans (Go)
Don't think twice, I'll get you hit, man (Many man)
Shootout, rifle, dirty business, man
First shot a warning, I bet I won't miss again
No throwaways, 'cause I use the stick again
Prove your point first off, so they won't try you again (Swear)
Hitman, hitman (Hit 'em), hitman, hitman (Hitman)
Hitman, hitman (Shh), hitman, hitman, hitman (Woah)
Hitman, hitman (What else?), hitman (What else?), hitman (Uh)
I pull up and get the job done just like I'm a hitman (Flippa)

You know I ride the beat like I ride the street
More higher than you can see, I'm like Hadouken be
I knock off your head and I go and collect
Although I teach you lil' n***as, I'm ready to turn to a sped, n***a
Hitman, hitman, hitman, hitman, Thugger the hitman
Catch you down bad and I fire your ass up, leave you stinkin' like chitterlings (Fire, uh)
Super Bowl ring, I feel like Bill Gates' best man (Woo)
I don't got all of my pants, so do not try test me
I'm ready for seconds (Woo)
How many times have I told you Young Thugger be slime like the reverend? (How many times?)
How many times? How many times? How many times? (How many times?)
FN gon' hit in your hip-ah (Woo)
I'm with the Skippa Da Flippa (What?)
And he ready to flip, haha, hey