Lyrics : Therapy (248)

Drugs staight out the Capsule, send her ass to Molly World
I dont't even drink for real but I damn near f**ked the bottle girl
I just bought the b*t*h two pairs of Channel
I told her model for Us
When I'm in the Club with n***as, I dont like we having Bottle War
Set my mindlike we on that n***a Ass, ain't no talkin to us
Gimme Compliments my b*t*h for real, but ain't no talking to her
Champagne Back to Back in the Gucci Store, when I walk through it
Get High then I treat the Mic like Therapy, cuz i talk to it

I sit back and ask myself why so many times
They treatin' sports just like the Streets they tryna give em fines
He in the trenches without a Gun I called and gave him mine
Bump Heads with my Day ones Yesterday, I say ima give em time
Hope B.A. get right back of that time, they gave em 55
I hate Tayski gone forever we locked in on the 59th

He was my dawg, he was my round, he was like 50 twice
I made it out, i beat the odds it gotta be precise

Me and my Auntie had some words that sh*t ate me alive
See my little Daughter Bad as Hell and She ain't even five
He got the same time as the shooter and he ain't even drive
A O.P.P got his T.O.P and he ain't even die
I seen so many Young n***as lose they Lives
That's why when I go to a Funeral Today, I dont even cry