Lyrics : No Chill

(Southside on the track, yeah)

Tried to dumb me down but I'm too rich to act like I was broke
Gucci store, seventy-five hundred on a leather coat
Free the bro, yeah, I probably say that sh*t in every song
That corner store held me down, I didn't have nowhere else to go
We kickin' doors, Brendan had no clothes, his mom was on the dope
We switching up, got our hands on a pistol, we started stickin' up
Just give it up, he got a bad temper, he be quick to bust
My life was rough, we wasn't going to school, we tryna run it up
Walk to the bluff, free lil' Jaq and D, can't say that sh*t enough
Stolen truck, we got on the chase but we had got away
Antonio make it, Lupo caught the case, that sh*t there was cray
Marco survived, he got in another Wraith, somebody died
I been in the streets since I was nine, for real
Think this money got me traumatized, I ain't got no time to chill
I know if a b*t*h won't, then my mama will
I can't lie, I popped a lot of pills to get me in my mode, but I can't take no more
All this pain, I don't know how to feel
I was taught if you gon' take it, go on and take it, I don't know how to steal
f**k the opps, we gotta kil l
Slide back on the same drill
Let the stick head out the window, I'ma drive the wheel (Go)