Lyrics : Unstoppable (Live from Spotify, London)

I'll wait a little longer
While we are getting stronger
I know it's taking the time to heal
We'll be unstoppable
Don't know what I did it for
I needed to know that it was always real

Our heads held high when we walk down the line, honey
Arm-in-arm through the clear night sky
Oh, let's be at peace, we'll fly
Our hearts collide
Can't escape the magnetic side

I was like a satellite spinning away
Almost lost forever and leaving no trace
Floating through the darkest reaches of space
To another galaxy
Our polarity shifted around
There is nothing else left holding us down
But it's just gravitational
We are unstoppable
I just can't escape the pull
We are unstoppable
Mm-mm, it's just gravitational
We are unstoppable