Lyrics : Bob’s Burgers

Gettin’ money every day, every way
Got to hit every play
Stack and pay to elevate
And cop myself a ’64 Chevrolet
Gold days, candy paint
Hit the switch
God damn, I made it straight
A n***a starvin’, I ain’t ate
Call my shorty, slide on me with a plate
She hold me down, but we don’t date
Even though I might fly out of state
She loyal in and out my face
And that’s a trait that you just can’t replace
So, I don’t want no new b*t*hes
‘Cause they probably only want me for the cake
Lil’ mama so fly, she don’t mind cashin’ out for a date

That’s my type, what I like
Stay forever or one night
I can be your man when I’m ready
But for right now, we’ll keep goin’ steady
Had to keep my pockets heavy
On the ground
I’m back on the road but no shows out of town
I’m just tryna get on

Deadstock’s on my feet
Macked a b*t*h so unique
I been on some other sh*t
Take my talents overseas
Organized the operation
Make sure everything groovy
This watch – you ain’t never seen
But it dropped in ‘92
I don’t give a b*t*h a clue
Baby, who is you?
She shaped like a hourglass
Tonight, I just might leave with you
Babygirl, we overdue
Out the way
Hotel with the coldest view