Lyrics : Wolf

I go by the big bad wolf
Get to a bag, the bitch gon' look
That nigga mad, his bitch got took
Nigga I dragged and switched my look
It's gas, I hit that kush
Go with a mask and hit the jux
Cash, I get that buck
Stacking my cash, Ima get that truck

I'm off a treyO, I can't even
Can't even get that nut
I blew her back out the bitch on the bed
She can't even get back up
I see niggas let this shit get to they head
I'm bout to turn shit back up
Remember them times I was f*cking my bread up
Chasing these bitches instead
Slept on the floor cuz it wasn't a bed
Let you go for 4 with the reg
I come from the 4 how the f*ck am I scared?
I keep different whores in my bed

Almost 11, I'm on my level
To keep it real with you I'm high as hell
It's nothing around and I can't be picky
But damn I hate taking 512s
It been half, she said like two words
Just met her, yo damn she shy as hell

I talk to guns today and nigga he told me to put all my cleans up
He like the jails gon' run all the streams up
I use to smell but I cleaned up
Now I put salt in my bath
K8 I'm feeling it all in my calves
Niggas just wasting they time
If they ain't gon' talk about cash
On to the next now I'm off of my last
Bro hit my back I just coughed off the gas

Bitches on deck they gon' come in a half
Bitches on deck they gon' come
Right at ya neck if you stunt
Niggas is stepping out, family is stressing out
Niggas is checking out young
Young 79, he the one
Grinding the money gon' come
79 that boy the one
79 don't forget young
79 that boy the one
Grinding the money gon' come

Took the royal blues off and put on my shadows
Know I gotta bring chalk whenever I travel
Good heart from the start but that didn't matter
Niggas gon do whatever just hit the top of the ladder
I'm on my block and it's ladders
Chopping it up, smoking one me and matta
Human made Corduroy Jacket
Jeans was 8 but that's where I'm ashin' at
She keep on asking dumb questions
I'm like yo “don't ask me that”
79 we taking over, we bringing that crafty back

People want justice they running in stores with masks and bats
You better board your store, if not they trashing that
I grab like 3 box, Russian Cream Wood
Putting gas in that
I got the streets hot, school of hard of knock
I done passing that
We smoking cheetah piss and we all cooked
Bout' to crash off that
But why would you ask me that?