Lyrics : Organic

So authentic
Fan base is organic
I’m back doing more damage
Spit crack make them bulls panic
Had to take full advantage of chances that I got handed
Crashed with Wan in the Camry
Looked at his mom like family
My dawg like “f**k a job,” he rob, he jamming
I told this thot get at me, you got my shot get at me
Wanna talk ‘bout some gwuap, let’s chop, get at me
Shows I can rock, get at me
Hoes we can swap, get at me
In saks with a knot, get at me
Live from up top, get at me
Live from my block, get at me
Live from king box, get at me
Live 30 shot, get at me
Get at me

Listen I started off filthy, p*ssy, trashy
If you got a issue, get at me
If you not official I’m taxin’
I feel like I let this sh*t get to my head
Was feeling like A.I. f**k practice
Ain’t goin backwards, ain’t even snappin
Guess it was cool while it lasted
Oh you ain’t know I was good at gymnastics
Oh you ain’t know I was flippin’ and trappin’
Oh you ain’t know I was down and had to stay down
So I could make all of this happen
I had too many distractions
For paper, too many was askin’
I got a short temper always be snappin’
Young b*t*hes always harassing
She telling me how she wanna do lashes
Right on my jeans, I’m ashin’
Stack up ya cheese and grab it
n***a I flee’d the baddest
I’m off a weed n addys