Lyrics : 80%

I’m feeling like they forgot
80% percent of these b*t*hes is thots
I’m with some criminals we ‘bout to plot
Dog I be killin em when my sh*t drop
Friends be envious of what ya got
Tens be giving headaches a lot
n***as they wish I just set on the block
f**k all my goals, and f**k what I see
All of that pain I suffered from E
Flew to my LA show just you and P
Damn I never thought you was gon’ leave
Damn I never thought I have a key
To my own place, got a bed, I could sleep
Low key they hate so I’m keeping it brief
I’m chasing paper in rentals, that’s me
I’m tryna wake up it feel like a dream
Gettin my cake up let’s see what it bring
Don’t like her with make up I told her come plain
Seen this sh*t break up just look at the gang
Look how it is, just look how it change
Oh that’s the game

n***as they must of forgot
For years I been in this sh*t I been hot
n***as they must of forgot
All the hoes in the city I f**ked they was thots
n***as they must of forgot
Man I get down and gritty I kept me a gloc
n***as they left me to rot
But I ain’t gon stop..

I just hit up Marcus
I told ‘em let’s get this cracking I’m coming my hardest
Don’t talk to my sister, some bullsh*t it happened but f**k it I got you regardless
Think I need therapy ‘cause I be blackin’ but I’m tryna get through the darkness
n***as complain about what I be chargin, f**k you then n***a don’t get it let’s chalk it

As soon as I hit I’m off it, most of these b*t*hes bee trippin they stalking, hmm
Sitting talking she bringing up other n***as she lost it
Now I don’t feel like talking we gotta drum, better proceed with caution
Yea you got money, you sauce less
Don’t know why me and my man departed
Damn our plan was shorted
I’m getting high and I pray and I wish that the fam supported
Got a few P’s in the bag I use to Jansport it
Got a few P’s in the bag man I took me a chance for it