Lyrics : Szpaku & Kubi Producent- Pająki (English Translation)

Don't give a f**k about your skills, vague rappers with limits
Guys without charisma rap about charisma, you won't get them
I'm spending Christmas with my family, I'm playing them my new tracks
Everyone asks me "Mati, How's your career, hm?"
But I see how badly people are whores
How fame, money and what they'll do with it gets those whores excited
I see how bad you love me when we succeed
And how you're not here when I'm lost
There is no god, stupidity rules here
Idiots make money out of yous, social pathology comes out for gold
I've started a fire, after seeing it
After when she lost her mum, brothers, I'm doing this for her

If to live then for you, if to drink then with homies
f**k life, no one can help me anymore
I've had a rope where I've got a fat chain now
I could have not been on this track
If to live then for homies, if to drink then until wasted
f**k life, no one can help me anymore
I've had a rope where I've got a fat chain now, you know
I could have not been o this track

Shout out to my people, not actors in your video
I've lost value, but never my squad
Again, I've drawn on my whole wall with a marker
Ghost Kids f**k the cops, get this out on the territory
c*cksuckers are getting mad, please stand in the queue for the king
I'm the first one to beat yous, first one to get you to think straight
First, one to stand here and make money on yous
Go flying to Mayorka, for all that trash talk boy
Not any of yous has seen me when I dropped to the ground
Not any of yous has supported me
When I wasn't believing in myself, you know?
I know that and I know what I've got in my head
They pat me on the back, that's why I feel sick of yous
She doesn't have anything from Penguin, but I'm asking her about something
Fashionable logos on Candy, make my crew go flipping
My brother Sarius said - They love Szpaku, not you
You won't meet Mati from Instagram anymore baby