Lyrics : Snake & the Batman / Story Time (Skit)

The Snake and the Batman
Let's go

Snake and the bat, the haven that awakens your cap
From takin' a nap, shapin' a nation, hopin' they can adapt
To placin' the strap at Satan, a blatant attack
Hating's domination waitin' to be shaken, facin' Yates in the trap
Trappin' a faction that's lackin' African passion
When rappin' crap is in action but the black assassin is happenin'
Laughin' 'cause I make 'em all a has-been
When I'm mashin', everybody that I'm passin'
Is gaspin' 'cause I'm elevation, Aspen
Get it brackin' in a Tecca N9na fashion
Super wordy
If you could serve me like a boofer 30
But I'm Ruger, squirty
Language anus, this loofah dirty
I don't see another artist on a n***a level
When I get the go to get it started, I'ma hit the pedal
Anybody wanna be departed, come and get the rebel
That'll really be retarded like you're f**kin' with the devil
But you're not though, it's Picasso with a afro
You the cop, yo, that's soft, I say, "Gestapo"
Cotton swabs, we choppin' gods
And we're forsaking your wack jams
Making your rap fans follow Snake and the Batman
(Snake and the Batman)
(Snake and the Batman)

Tech N9ne is a man
That's held high by the fans
So everybody please stand
For the Snake and the Batman
Tech N9ne is a man
Who does just what he plans
To make fans in all the lands
He's a Snake and a Batman
More T-N9ne
For he rhymes and glory shines
Gather 'round for storytime