Lyrics : Easy Street

I remember the way
Our sainted mother
Would sit and croon us
Her lullaby

She'd say, kids, there's a place
That's like no other
You got to get there before you die

You don't get there
By playing from the rule book

You stack the aces

You load the dice

Mother dear
Oh, we know you're down there listening --
How can we follow
Your sweet

Easy street
Easy street
Where you sleep till noon

Yeah, yeah, yeah

She'd repeat
Easy street
Better get there soon

Easy street
Easy street
Where the rich folks play
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Move them feet

Move them ever-lovin' feet

To easy street

Easy street

When you get there stay

It ain't fair
How we scrounge
For three of four bucks
While she gets

The little brat!
It ain't fair this here life
Is drivin' me nuts!
While we get peanuts
She's livin' fat!

Maybe she holds the key
That little lady

To gettin' more bucks

Instead of less
Maybe we fix the game
With something shady

Where does that put us?

Give you one guess


Easy street
Easy street
Annie is the key
Yes sirree
Yes sirree
Yes sirree
Easy street
Easy street
That's where we're gonna --