Lyrics : Everytine

Hmm hmm

DJ Spinall
Hey, hey, yeah
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah

Top Boy

Every time you call me
Me know you are horny
Me know say you want give me the punani (I say)
Every time you call me, baby
I know you want me
Every time you call me, yeah (She say)

She can't stand a man who can't hold her right, yeah
Every night she's going on how she wants this fire
Summer link up then we drink up
And make love all night, yeah
She does it right when the thing is on the top
She afi push it up and me pushing back
All she's doing is making me drive
She a ride and me to know she a die for the c*ck (Ladies)
Don't you worry yourself, baby, you are safe with me
I can't lie, baby, I love it when you give it to me, yeah