Lyrics : Quake Matthews vs. Lexx Luthor

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OK, we get it, you a punchline rapper, but a lot of ‘em reaches
I’ll give you credit - every once in a while, you drop somethin’ decent
So you cheffin’, I heard Raekwon from your region
He shoulda told you you ain’t cookin’ with the proper ingredients
Your recipe? A cup of jokes, a teaspoon of c*ckin’ and squeezin’
A pinch of some Pokémon sh*t that we not really feelin’
See, the bars too bland in the pot that you steamin’
And that’s the obvious reason that you not really seasoned!
You throw the same punches so you get, caught in a sequence
They so telegraphed, opponents just dodge ‘em and weave ‘em
That’s when I catch him with a blow and keep, constantly beatin’
‘Til he can’t feel his face like that song from the Weeknd!
You gotta be f**kin’ odd if you thought we was even
He’s a, thousand leagues beneath me
I had to part the sea just to partially see him
Pull him up to pick him apart, target his weakness
Rip the darkest and deepest part of his heart out and squeeze it!
I am everything you’re not, this is God sonning Jesus
You’re a mark, just a carcass for the sharks that I’m feedin’
Torn apart when I smell the blood from the bodily lesions
I’m GodBody, I’ll body you! You embody a heathen!
Dog, lemme teach you a lil’ history lesson
Before you was playin’ GoldenEye and developed your lil’ pistol obsession
I was 15, filled wit’ aggression
Battlin’ grown men in neighborhoods where they willin’ to kill any second
What you know about bein’ that young and sneakin’ in clubs
Hidin’ behind speakers between battles, f**kin’ peein’ in cups
I been out here f**kin’ ‘em up, before Jae Millz yelled out, “B.I.G! Am I trouble or what!?”
Before Lux battled Mook in a shoe store
Before Facebook, when dudes would talk less and actually shoot more
Before 8 Mile, before Em’ made it safe to rap if you white
I dropped four albums since then, two of ‘em charted
Top 10 on iTunes, makin’ moves as an artist
Did a tour wit’ the most poppin’ dude in the market
You was still in Ground Zero bein’ viewed as a target
But even after all the money, all the groupies and nonsense
That Osa battle still occupied room in my conscience
I still cringe when I log on to YouTube and watch it
I get damn near nauseous when I’m viewin’ the comments
See, I still got the win, but I truthfully lost it
I let my fans down - now I’m here to prove I’m a monster
So I had to do myself a service like a Reverend
Round 2’s when we get his funeral started!