Lyrics : VV’s

Money Musik

VV diamonds (VV) shining on me
And he woke up on that day and he never went to sleep
I got boys with magazines and they don't even read (Yeah)
Couple hoes with fantasies and they out sellin' jeans (Yeah)
I can't leave her alone, she finesse, she a tease
And this Saint Laurent my coat, Amiri jeans, they got no crease (Crease)
Used to find me by the b*t*h but now you find me by the beach
And it's Killy and Houdini, make the trap jump, trampoline (Trap)

Me and Killy, Money Musik, that's like VV-VV's
Told that b*t*h to hit the deck, get on her knees, knees, knees, knees
I got nightmares of the feds sayin', "Freeze," up in my sleep (Freeze)
Hollow tips, why would you run? We got a infrared beam
I got bros still on the run who ain't tryna be seen
Used to flippin' a whole pack, nothin' quicker to the fiends
And I been through a lot of sh*t, biscotti giving me relief
And I told the little ho, "Can't finesse me for my cheese," no
Got Wass' ties, get a lil' n***a knocked off for free, yeah
And please don't mind, I'm too real for the industry
And free cro 'nem out the pen', now they sayin' they proud of me
About 5K for the outfit, lookin' like I won, casino