Lyrics : SLiPKNOT Freestyle

Yeah, yeah (P.Soul On the track)

All these rappers seem to die young
Its either drugs or it's the guns
They feel stress and for them it's not fun, I just seen em live til their 20 or younger

1 Time for Juice WRLD, died 21
1 Time for X , died from robbery and guns
1 Time For peep he died from overdose of pills
1 Time for Pop he got killed by house invasion

These rappers die for a reason and thats because the haters say they will do something bad. like June 18th 2 PM x died leaving a motorcycle shop, he tried driving back home but he got shot, they stole 500k From his bag and now his fans became sad it wasn't the news we wanted to hear, we wish these rappers were still here

NLE about to die this december, so his music people have to remember. we don't know if it's a joke or he's actually putting himself in dismemberment, depression got people treating themselves like accidents, I've seen slit writs bloody fists guns with clips aimed to a head, they decide to pull the trigger next thing they know they are dead. I'm tired of seeing people deceased. The good rappers go to heaven, someone dies at 27 and I'm only 11
And Im talking true

It keeps me happy just to see rappers be alive
Underneath the sky of blue when I'm older im gonna be bigger I will never pull the trigger because Im a champion, a team coach, sneak attack squad, I don't have no frauds, this freestyle has no flaws, I'm gonna get back on topic this suicide need to stop it I hate it when they gossip if I like it I cop it

I don't know if it's the end of the song or not. Im just rapping and I do this every night. I be stressing and It's like taking a flight, haters wanna hate but dont wanna fight. as I said my future is brighter than a light

All these rappers seem to die young
Its either drugs or it's the guns
They feel stress and for them it's not fun, I just seen em live til their 20 or younger

RiP X, RiP Pop Smoke, RiP Juice Wrld, RiP Mac Miller, RiP Mac Miller, RiP 2Pac, RiP Nipsey Hussle. They will all live on forever