Lyrics : Waltz of Malice

The night at the graveyard is about to start)
In the fairyland of the waltzing dreams)
What a fun waltz of malice)

The eyes of the dolls)
Covered in soot glitter darkly, heralding the banquet)
It’s so sad. So painful)
Thus we clamor,)
Until you come)

I shall keep holding on to this malice for you,)
My once beloved—here at the far,)
Distant ends of the night,)
And I shall show you the way)
To the deep, deep bottom of hell,)
As I smile with my broken mouth)

During the day, I dream a bright dream;)
During the night, I harbor a dark wish)
Both are so much fun)

Rattle, rattle, it creaks.)
Thus they’re gathering again today,)
Here at this graveyard filled with ash)
And soot—those who once lived)