Lyrics : Public Service Announcement



‘What’s good family’

‘Good to see you mane, so this the n***a I been hearing about how’s it goin good to meet you come on in y’all’

‘ya’ll gon vibe wit em’

‘yeah come on in, we got - ‘

‘all dis sh*t gon do you right’

‘yeah let’s see what is all about hit it’


Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay
Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay


From the spot that n***as gettin to live alright
You gon’ need some vices need some privacy right
A private place in the hills get you taken off in a hurst
Now sit back relax enjoy this heaven on earth
And I’m livin it, with the cats in the back of the lac on the road
Boxing it every time that we sinkin’ the gas and then tappin reload
All of the concepts i wrote with it back on the coast in the majesty zone
Coastin defyin what gravity’s on, fill-in the void since the casualties come

To rappers that’s keeping the subtance involved
But still hunt for prez, and f**k with the law
Emotions involved, like ducking the calls
And aiming for heads, but coming with balls
And keep talking sh*t, until you evolve
And then once you split, they gettin withdrawals
I know that its late im gettin installed
If they don’t give a f**k, they’ll just weep when you gone

Now as the red button goes off
Preachin on a tank full uh’ zoloft
His scientist throwin his coat off
His buddy is buzzin his throat off
Courage come from faded, just like jo is underrated
And thas on all my f**kin dawgs from the Grove it just had to be stated


Hey, I’ve been, Lost, Lemme Start, Over

‘man remember when we use to kick that sh*t in the tub, back when we was mad thankful just to get our hands on a good joint, before we started servin’ n***a ya feel me, now we just blow through em without feelin’ sh*t’


Gone is the pain emotion and fear when i walk in you look for patience and pokin lotion and beer when im talkin
Don’t get caught up in options
Fill your body up with toxins
Sayin y’all the ones nauseous
I was posed to detox and-

The internet froze cus they shoppin
For a plane out of cali to austin
Cus they see that the fame get exhaustin
Like a superstar out in boston
But you can make that florida vacation
We can’t find the strains they been takin
You can make em n***as all of your patients
But you gotta start it out in the basement n***a

When they making unheard arrangements, uninvited guests come to take it, i interrogated, you interrogated, but they can’t handle confrontation
Found an undisclosed location, and they can't shoot without chasin

f**k is the statement, that you phrasin, its so brazen, but no substance, on your waistband, paid no coverage, but you wasted

This typa sh*t happens every night, gotta get yours gotta get mine
Off the clock n***as runnin outta time, outta stock cus we sellin every dime, public service n***a life defined

That’s the word to my homies in the room, til i die i ain’t got no issue but i’m got damn close

And im on one so check this dose


Let’s move these connies out the club
Bet you forgot about me huh
Its been too long without me huh
Up like a zombie out the mud
From the drive to cobb to cop a dub
Up the top and packed up all the stubs

Heard some words about just what he does
Rumors! - don’t get bottled up
Why you coddled up, by these fools who pretend to give a f**k
Bout your real life, yeah its tough
Like the truth, like call yo bluff
You been talking lotta stuff
In the stu it ain’t you, still blew up, two years gone, you ain’t on, business pawn, jo the phenomenon, real fake, you comicon


Hey, I’ve Been, Lost, Lemme Start, Over

Hey, I’ve Been, Lost, Lemme Start, Over

Hey, I’ve Been, Lost, Lemme Start, Over


That’s the word to my homies in the room, til i die i ain’t got no issue but i’m got damn close

And im on one so check this dose

You finally got invited, but what do it mean to be the host
Yeah they gave you the key to the city, but n***a you know you gots to go
All these cars in your driveway, but you can't find your way back home
And this road go to infinity, but you’ll always be alone

So keep f**kin on em b*t*hes, and keep pinchin up those lines
Ill be drillin off these hinges, if i ever catch em takin mines
Chair done came out from underneath ya, game is still alive
This sh*t’ll have ya in disbelief, public service ain’t no crime

“got em all on the same sh*t now, no more bullsh*t, fake grass types-“