Lyrics : Fire In The Booth

He's on fire
I know you gonna dig this
Oh yeah, perfect
Oh man, it's got to that all important time of the show
Once again my favorite part of the show, [?]
Fire in the booth
And tonight I got something special for you, man
A real G in this ting
From early
Kevin Gates in the building, hmm
You ready for this cuh?
You know what time it is when you hear this sound
Let's get ready to rumble
Let's go
All real
Me and [?] don't listen, you heard me? (Yeah)
Understand, all real

The bust down on my watch, cancelled all my soul ties
Countertops in the Southside, lettin' the coke dry
I don't get upset, I ain't never duck and wreck
I'm a muslim, yeah
Let me know where you gon' bump your head
Wanna post up on me, for some bread
Tell 'em I ain't scared
Jumped the Hellcat with no Timb
Work in my BlackBerry
T-Shirt white, b*t*h bright, feel like I'm Jeff Perry
Swaggin' from the pipe, with hard pipe and she said "Yes Kevin"
What I told you 'bout that get it right and she said "Yes daddy"
Rumors in the city, I ain't worried 'bout none of them
Mix the H with the fiend, you could go fetch you a Benz
Bulletproof Cutlass Supreme
Necklace inforced with bling
Truck on the interstate, make the Honda touch down with them [?]
Rollie on glisten, ka-ting
Later this sh*t was a dream
Bread Winner ego go inc
Jump in the whip and go skrrt (Perfect)
Come up from nothing, gold teeth in the gutter, the street
Caught up with cutters and cleats, thuggin', I'm somethin' unique
My children love me, my women infatuated, pull the paper from outta that hoe
Everything platinum, ain't regular standards
He tuckin' that pack and I'm throwin' them lows
These women mean nothin, they stealin’ my energy
From em it’s spinnin' me outta control
f**kin' with trash, I learned my lesson
Two hunnid K for a new perspective
Got my attention, that ain't bad
Get out of line or I'm gettin' you smashed
Tell me it's up and I'm on your ass
I'm in the tank, I'm doin' the dash
Keep your security 'round you
Know all you pu**y and I'm not scared of nothing
I'ma control the threats, I show the press
And tell 'em the pressure ugly
I made a lot of mistakes in life but I'm up in rank, I'm growin' from that
I gave a lot of you n***as some stripes, but I ain't aight, ain’t going from that
Raisin' my son for the build the man and he 'bout to live in reality
We open with prayer and we stick to the plan and this is the only reality
Your moral compass is all you got
Life in general cold sport
The higher ups gon' play polite
The system still do what they want
Cool to kick it, but always remember that you still a n***a when you go to court
Been in that blender with plenty of course
Blemish my image, ain’t with noise
Still tryna be a better man, still I handle bidness like a gangsta
I'ma always be gangsta, I'ma always be gangsta (f**k, yeah)
Still tryna be a better man, still I handle bidness like a gansta
I'ma always be gangsta, I'ma always be gangsta
Respect the laws of the jungle, n***a layin' low down in the slums
I'm the same n***a from the [?] house, with Jermaine [here?] dealing drugs
I'm the same n***a had [?] on mic', underneath the wing of the buzz
I just wanna see you come up, quarter ki, a grand tryna let em thug (Perfect)
I'm the same n***a from the wild side, with the low tabs in the mud
In the bottom, standin' outside, Gates got the cocaine in the bud
Rest in peace, Lil' Fat, Droptop Jack, come in all black
Hit me back, pull on me and Julio, on Louisa Street for the pack
Let me take a n***a back
'Fore I graduated with them racks
The whole Southside eatin' [?] and jumpin’ out Camaros
That's when Big London had to lay
That's when Big Head had to lay
We on airzone in the lair
Big yak havin' the CTS, with the spinners on him, that's a fact
I was uptown at the Eastern [?]
White Stan Smiths with the tag
With the long dreads, bolo collar
With the low shorts let em sag
With the red boxes, with the white shorts, all four pockets full of band

He's on fire (He's on fire)
Kevin Gates in the building
Thanks for coming through my guy
Appreciate you, man
I appreciate you forever
Thank you but that was- that was wild, my guy
What's up?
And that right there, that right there
Is fire in the booth, mad