Lyrics : Why You?

Why you brag so much? Were you in a coma?
Why you talk about drugs? Why you not sober?
Why you get your Kers back? Why you taste your first batch?
Why'd you used to look chat? How'd you never look back?
Why you beef with rappers back in day? Was it branded?
Why you not goin' ten for ten? We need answers
Why you not speak to NEBS? Why you leave Obese too?
Why you made it but you still keep it near the streets? You
Never thought about your daughter's thoughts and the future
Why'd you get hooked on Xan's? Why you buyin' new cars?
Where the rest of ABK? Who you still rockin' with?
Why you got a million songs that you ain't even droppin' yet?
Why you never take your sh*t overseas to show them Kers?
Why you never post online? We're missin' out on photos Kers?
How'd you keep the same girl? Why'd you near break her heart?
Why you never let us get the features we forever ask?
Why you hate the scene, bro? Why you smack a rapper up?
Why you always gotta feel the weight? What's it matter brah?
Why you not sign rappers? Why you in your feelings for?
What happened to your promos man? You know you gotta feed us more
We was at your first show, watched it from the bottom bro
It's only real to hit you with the questions that we wanna know
So many lies, we just want you because
And your ticket price is jumping, you forgot about the poor

First off, look, I brag 'cause I have to
You just said it yourself, what, I used to look chat, true
Well that changed now, braggin' is a prob' now
I'm still goin' ten, but I'm not racin' the clock
How am I meant to break it all down bein' sober?
You hit me with the questions, I'm just tryna get the closure
I know that in life, people go different directions
So don't bring up a question, ain't got f**kin' beat selections
Obese closed when they heard that I was leavin'
I'll never diss their legacy but f**k I kept 'em breathin'
My music and my daughter separated if I can
But I cannot shower somethin' that can burn through with a stare
You bringin' up the Xans, man I bring up how I got off 'em
That's ticked off a problem that I never should've gotten in
ABK still my brothers till my dyin' day
Some have left the crew but that's I story for behind the A
I ain't even gotta speak on what I don't got to
And Sero should be out by the time this sh*t has dropped too
I could've gone overseas seven years ago
Past charges have marked my name, I couldn't leave you bro
I ain't hate the scene, I'd rather never get involved in it
I've been rappin' for too long to watch 'em fit a mold for it
Comas slowed right down, that was on my ground work
All part of the plan, how you even think you found Kers?
Same sh*t, no sh*t, that's my ride or die
Ask her if I brang her life a brighter side
So many questions but you never gave props
It's like they almost forgot the way I got to the top
You just focus on the negative and then bring up the sedative
And then forget the fact that in this country, Kers the best at this
Yeah, they rack on but they ain't really sayin' nothin'
I've been leavin' messages like artists when they paintin' somethin'
I appreciate the questions that you got, truth
And when you askin' next time I prefer we do swap shoes