Lyrics : Respond

You swear you know someday
Acting all fever sh*t
Swear you believe in again
I’ll be ok, I’m pretending

IF I did a little more than light you fire
Would lay or left down for my life
And If the water was pouring right into your heart
Would you even respond?
Would you even respond?

Say it again, again
You wish I had all that different
I’m in the sea of sin darling
Find me at peace while drowning

IF I did a little more than light you fire
Would lay or left down from my life
And If the water was pouring right into your heart
Hey, would you even respond?
Would you even respond?

I really don’t want you
Baby I’m a monster
You tell me you’re a goner
But usually a loner
But baby I belong now
And you don’t call it no more
You don’t call me no more

[Instrumental Outro]