Lyrics : Coastal Rota

Hey, uh
You know they love good pussy
And I got good pussy, hey

I got a nigga out West, who make me wear a vest
Niggas be shootin' at him, wanna fuck me when he stressed
Got a nigga down South, when I go to his house
Don't even let him fuck, just put this pussy in his mouth (Ooh)
I got a nigga out East, lil' baby a beast
But I still make him drop down to his knees and say please (That's right)
I got a nigga up North, big big as a horse
Aventurous he always wanna fuck me outdoors (Hey)

Good pussy make the world go round
Good pussy make the world go round
That's what they told me (That's right)
Solitaires all over my neck, that's what they show me
GoGo Gadget grip, I got this drip, this ain't no slow me
I got power in this pussy check the technique (Ooh)
Up and down, pound for pound, certified freak (Ooh)
Buss a nigga like I thought I heard his ass [?] (Ooh)
That kryptonite on that pipe make him so weak (Ooh)
(Hey, ha ha ha ha, ooh, look)
Ain't nothing like good pussy (Ooh, uh)
Ain't nothing like good pussy

I got this nigga in the D, now that's my favorite neck
Old fly ass nigga like to fuck me in his [?]
When I'm ridin', I be slidin', pussy slippery wet
Drunk off when he give me neck, that's more tongue I can't forget
Only dick that have me trippin', suck that shit until it's drippin' (Ooh)
Then I lick it like an ice cream, personal pipe drain (Ooh)
All over the counter when he fuck me in the kitchen
He be standin' at the [?], the position
I've been over [?] smack that ass until it's sore
I got paper on that dick, like I'm the motherfuckin' owner
And that nigga ain't no rookie, pull it out than eat the cookie
Like it rough 'cause he a boogie but he loves this good pussy
Hey, look
Ain't nothing like good pussy
Ain't nothing like good pussy (Fuck it up)