Lyrics : Censored

Nizzy, look

Nizzy Narm's where it started (Narm)
I don't give a f**k 'bout Kennington
Thought they was on, now I see they're half-hearted (d**khead)
Hella man talk like the can't get touched
But you can get touched, nuttin' but targets (Truss)
Opps get cold feet, no carpets
Gang slap waps, gang puff and pass it
Bark it, do it like Vegeta and blast it (Bow, bow)
Wet man's polo, no homo, I'm tryna touch man's heart (Splash)
He got-got cah he weren't that fast
Or was he just takin' a jog?
T-T shirt, bally or mask on my face
No face, I ain't takin' it off (No way)
GB's dead, I'm bakin' it off
Billin' Incog next, still I'm bakin' it off
True say, I'm only five foot nine
Sometimes I wish that I could've been taller (I do)
Incog's dead, he should've done F (he's dead)
GB's dead, he could've been a baller (Ah)
And, Denz didn't beat that case
But he beat that wap like a next man's daughter (Free Denz)
My face comin' like no caller
Unknown, no ID, no sorter