Lyrics : The Absence of Presence

I can see reflections
Drifting into space
Always through a mirror
Never face to face
I ask another question
The words disintegrate

The absence of presence fills the air
I know you're here but you're not really there

Blinding bright projections
Crash against the wall
I can't get your attention
No matter how loudly I call
Reaching for connection
To break the silent stare

The absence of presence fills the air
I know you're here but you're not really there

Imagine we broke through
The noise of our creation
And found the missing pieces
This moment kept alive
In suspended animation
And finally completed

I can hear the echoes
As they reverberate
I turn to chase the sound again
But I'm just a step too late
I can still remember
The way it resonates

The presence of absence disappears
I know you're there but you're not really here