Lyrics : Jets Overhead

Jets fly overhead
And I can't hear a word you say
I've never seen a look so serious
Painted on your face

Take my hand
Spell it out in terms
That mere mortals understand
Before you fly away

Lead me to shelter
Tell me about their plan
I'll be waiting right here when you land

Jets fly overhead
Time to get it off my chest
One last shot at our redemption
Will we pass the test?

Then you say
This ain't about me
But everyone I've ever known
There's more than we've been shown

The stakes are much higher
In ways I can't understand
I'll be waiting right here when you land

I'll accept our fate
Go turn off the light
I only hope I showed the best of us
And that you won't lose sight

You were only here
To see if we're worthy
To those that you answer to
Just another fool

Crossing my fingers
Wondering what you said
When the jets are flying overhead
When the jets are flying overhead