Lyrics : Thirsty

Nightbreed - “Thirsty”

You can
Curse me, (but I do this ‘cause I’m thirsty, so until the)
Time (I get paid), rhyme, (I do these) crimes (with no mercy)

I’m sick of being
A bum, dwelling in the slums, feeling like a crumb
When hungry, I chew on gum, my friends screaming, (“Ha, save me some.”) Beach towels
On the floor like all ghetto rugs, house lit with sparks and lightning bugs
No juice for the sockets, there’s no use for the plugs
Vegetarian heroes because I couldn’t afford the meat, washing it down
With Sunny D juice ‘cause those were dirt-cheap. For snacks
I mixed my favorite four bags of chips, mayonnaise
Ketchup, and hot sauce I used as my dip
Couldn’t get
A grip on no real funds, so I stayed frustrated. Being broke
Is what I hated, and, again, my moms mated. Now I
Got a sister (Yeah, sister), and the dough is even tighter. Saw rich
n***as in videos, so I became a rhyme-writer
Not a biter
‘Cause I was taught “always strive to be the best,” stayed up late
Writing rhymes, listening to beats for de-stress, but writing rhymes
Is taking me too long to make these ends meet, so I grab
A .45—it’s time to take it to the streets
And I’ma make you leak
By dumping lead by the tons if you get slick and not hand
Over them ones, and if you’re strapped, I’m taking the guns to commit
More crimes to buy new notebooks to fill with new rhymes
I hate every jux I did, but f**k it. Hard was the times
I wish I could quit
I hate the fact my own people I got to stick. It’s like
A base-head with crack being asked not to take a hit. Angry
With the world, I dare you to knock this chip off my shoulder. I take
What I want, don’t borrow nothing, so you can’t say I owe ya
I never bluffed
‘Cause I’m a Buffalo Soldier ready to strike. I tried to get
A deal during the day, so I had to steal during the night, but the process
Is taking forever. To get fast money, I do whatever
I done chose to do better, but, ‘til then, I c*ck back my hammer lever
I know
What goes around comes around, won’t let it slow me down. Come out
Your clothes right now, I’ma hold you down from your shoulders down. Until
My words the readers digest, I’m forced to lead my rest out on a
Stick-up quest because I’m under constant stress

So you can
Curse me, (but I do this ‘cause I’m thirsty, so until the)
Time (I get paid), rhyme, (I do these) crimes (with no mercy)

I get dressed
To lead my rest in on another robbery session
Early morning, Big back ‘em down with the Smith & Wesson
He must be packing action, body reactions is smooth, but I’ma show him
What happen to fools that bust them dope moves
Lose ‘cause I’m having financial woes. My only
Income is digging in your clothes like moles and leaving
Holes. And the heroic type that wanna gripe, I have no
Time to fight. I need to go before first light
Listen, don’t let your conscious mislead you, think about that
Family that need you because it’s no problem to feed you
A face-full of bullets, continue stalling and I’ma pull it.” That’s when he
Defecated. I guess he visioned his dome being decorated
I hate it, I gotta end this before I catch a sentence
But to the thief, that’s hard like pulling teeth at the dentist. I’d rather be
Broken than poking n***as and their throat in
For a box of smoke when them goony inmates hearing rhymes I’ve wroten
What is rich?
It’s not just for brothers in Comstock and Clinton. I have dreams
Of going platinum and, all over the world, my joints hitting, bonfire
Thirty-five lives in fat houses, banging you slouches’
Spouses on brand-new leather couches
And I won’t have to
Rob you for every penny ‘cause, by then, I’ll be flying
First-class in New Guinea, with a slimmy on tour, ready to
Rock in front of a crowd that’s elated, don’t know English
But they’re saying my rhymes like they made it ‘cause
I’m the mic-holder
And I could drop
The mic, flip the script, and still fold ya. Although we
Strive for the good life, remember NBs are from the hood life
Creampuff with tough looks, don’t worry about getting your Coach took
We’re into creating fat hooks and filling up these notebooks
Relax. All you suckers won’t get taxed. I’m working out of
Studio, sixty-four tracks, and my sh*t is on wax, but just know
If I don’t go gold with money to hold, I’ma buy some gloves
Run and do sticks in the winter, my hands will get cold ‘cause
I’m thirsty
So curse me
And I’m digging
n***as ‘cause I’m thirsty, so until the
(Time) I get paid, (rhyme), I do these (crimes) with no mercy

And you can
Curse me, (and I do this ‘cause I’m thirsty, so until the)
Time (I get paid), rhyme, (I do these) crimes (with no mercy)