Lyrics : At Least It's Over

At least it's over, the mystery's been solved
Unredacted, now we talk in circles
Sweet paranoia is worth the price of salt
I'd rather sing an honest anthem

At least it's over, the damaged now defend
Blacking out until another season
It's been great getting to know ya, spilled letters on the ground
Sorting through the jigsaw patterns

Another year trickles down my spine
Punctuating landmarks in a snowstorm
The weight of fear, a heartbreak undefined
I hate to say I told you so (told you so)

At least it's over, don't ever come back here
Suddenly, I'm haunted by the ghost of Guinevere
Incendiary, all ringings in my ears
Without a sound, just cut me off and let me drown here

At least it's over, I'll never understand
Jumping off, I hope to stick the landing