Lyrics : Boy with luv

Listen my my baby 나는
저 하늘을 높이 날고 있어
(그때 니가 내게 줬던 두 날개로)
이제 여긴 너무 높아
난 내 눈에 널 맞추고 싶어
Yeah, you makin' me a boy with love
Yeah (Ned Bigby, that's me)

Pull up to a white-owned business and we shoot it up
I feel too entitled, not to mention that my money up
My waist ain't 9 inches, so I gotta get that tummy tuck
Crawling in my skin like Linkin Park but with 20 bugs
I-I-I-I-I roll up 20 blunts and I lace them all
You don't have a father so you let your mommy beat you up
A-A-And your name is Kyle so you punched a hole inside your wall
And you 5'6, yeah you make Eminem look tall
Eatin' on Popeyes and I just ate a bone
Ate a chicken sammich' so I'm buying fo' mo'
You say you like cops but you white like toothpaste
If you in the army, tell me how that boot taste
You don't take a shower so your hair is stiff like hay
Roast you in the comments 'cause you said "Your mom gay"
This is a d**k, this ain't no doobie, huh
Li-Li-Like Lil Tunechi, huh, you like 5'2, yeah

Uh, I don't give no freak (Oowee)
All this money comin' straight out the freakin' sky (Oowee, yeah)
All these people wanna see me when I freakin' die (Uh, uh, uh)
Ned Bigby, that's me!

{Verse 2: DJ Appleman, Big Banarde]
Gonna get all the money and then I go back to the roof
All of your money comes straight out your poo
I-I-I do no give a muh' freak about you (You)
A-A-All of this money is so cold like some cold hard cash
Your mommy's so fat, time to smash, 'Imma smash, yeah
It's the kind of fat where it's kinda thick
A-A-All the money's cold, yeah, comin' out her d**k (I love)
I don't even give a muh' f**k about the Crip
'Imma get the money then I'm gonna take a sh*t (Yeah)
Bimbo b*t*h with the big fat ass
'Imma smash, 'Imma smash all day (Yeah)
All my money comes straight out the bank
'Imma pay all this cash on the face (Yeah)
She's so thick, 'Imma hit so long, I might lose my, lose my brain (Yeah)
Gimme that pu**y, bruv
Gimme pu**y, bruv, all I need is pu**y, bruv

L-l-l-l-l-lilnedbigby brings the heat!
People stay cappin' and lyin'
Especially this one dude named Ryan
Always got somethin' to say, I said just get out of my way (No cap)