Lyrics : Bankroll

Uh-huh (Hit-Boy)
Uh, let's do it

All talk, uh
b*t*h, you're all talk, uh
n***a, you're all talk, uh
b*t*h, you're all talk, ayy, ayy, ayy
All talk, uh
b*t*h, you're all talk, uh
n***a, you're all talk, uh
b*t*h, you're all talk, yeah

Temper gun huh
30 clip, load it up, make 'em run, b*t*h
Evil kid, triple-nine, f**k a nun, just for fun, b*t*h
That ho use my kids and some f**kin' fun, damn
I'm a magician, I make her panties drop, drop, drop
Lil' bro got the Glock, he pull up on your block
Shoot your in your face, he did that sh*t a lot
Huh, live like GTA, no card, oh my God
n***a, what? When I was broke, I used to rob for some Robin's
What the f**k? Now I'm rich, give a f**k 'bout a lick, uh-huh, uh-huh
I still see walkin' licks, it's hard for me to not give in, uh
I'm a dog, n***as fleas on my f**kin' skin, uh
I'm a dog so if I like her, I'm gon' f**k her friends, uh
Don't do subliminals, keep it at minimal
b*t*h, I'm a motherf**kin' criminal
Got your b*t*h up in here eatin' me up like some cereal
Shoot a move with a cinema