Lyrics : 2 Percs

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Wheezy ouuta here
Let's go
Gas in the-
Gas in the foreign, let's go

Gas in the foreign, let's go
Probably playing that Beast Mode
WiFi Lit on you hoes
Mister 999, f**k the po', yeah
Racks in my Amiris, I barely could walk
All about action, b*t*h, no talk
I ain't with the capping sh*t at all
I take 2 percs then rap 'em off
Take 2 more then I f**k 'em off
Rick Owens so park it up
Uh, buy it all yeah, yeah
Buy it all-

Real gang sh*t, no fakes at all, uh
No Limit, we're taking over, uh
Give me good head, no teeth at all