Lyrics : Woahh

Woah oh woah
Aye, aye
Ahaha yeah aye it's Taj
Yuh aye wait, wait, wait, hol up, wait, wait, wait, one more, one second, one second, (woah) okay, Woah
Haha yuh aye, okay, okay, throw it up real quick, uhuh, woah ok (aye)

I just hit the store
Coppin' Arizona then I walk right out the door (uhuh)
Pull off in a Lambo man you already know (aye)
Ice up on my neck it's drippin' like it made it snow
Wait, woah
Run it up (ou)
I [?] because I got so much V-bucks (aye)
I do not know what I'm singing I just pull up to the mic and I be slayin'
I hop in the booth and I go super saiyan and they be like "Jufu boy, what is you sayin'?" (wha?)
Hit that woah, hit that woah yuh
Aye I hit that woah, hit that woah, woah
Yuh aye
What? What? What? Ou, yeah

Pull up in a drop top watch em' how they roll up
I'm a boss I'm makin moves with my foot up
I've been grinding since the [?] motor rolla
Watch me cop the [?] why they fold up
Uh, yuh, aye, skrt skrt
Push a motorsport hol up
Uh, wooh, Gucci my belt
Look at my [?] aye feelin' myself
I see how baby lookin' at me yeah I got a man
Made 10 bands in a week can't fit it in my bag
Everyday I'm up and at it I don't ever lack
I don't ever lack I'm just trying [?]
Yeah, yeah tryin' [?]