Lyrics : What’s The Vibe?

Lil' shawty what's the vibe? (Vibe)
How 'bout you just stay over the night?
I'm just tryna hit it from behind
Hit it from the back one time (One time)
Got a Patek on my wrist it shine
Lil' shawty you don't gotta be mine
Let me give a lil' tap one time
One tap on the low, one time

Hit it from the back, hit it from the back, yeah
She told me that's it's real but that's cap, yeah
I done seen a lot of things, this is plastic
But I don't really mind, it's fantastic
Shawty wanna do, in the coupe, huh
Shawty wanna do, in the booth, huh
Made a love song and it's smooth, huh
Feel like Micheal Jackson with the "ooh," yeah
Feel like Micheal Jackson with the glove
No, I ain't really tryna fall in love
And bagged a couple baddies at the club
Told 'em we can keep it on the hush
Text me a pic with no top on
She said she wanna do it bumpin' my song
Want me to record it on my iPhone, we ain't got long