Lyrics : BLESS Ü

Oh, honey, God bless you
I hope you survive
I know you got a lot of problems
But baby, that's life

We all go through lots of sh*t
But just hold on tight
For in the end of every tunnel
Baby, there's light
Oh, in darkness there's light

Life sometimes is so unfair
But don't you give up
'Cause there's good and bad
Happy and sad
In hate there is love

Know that you are not alone
For someone cares
Just call my name, just call my name, baby
And soon I'll be there
Oh, soon I'll be there

Karma awaits for the ones who deserve it
Learn to forgive the ones who did you wrong
For that person lacks the warmth of love
And that lack of love you should learn how to give
For we all breathe in the same air
And it that same air, we turn to dust
For we were molded from the same soil
And in that same soil we turn to life
For we all swim in the same ocean
The same ocean that makes our planet blue
We should all love each other, baby
For love was made for me and you