Lyrics : Addicted (Acoustic)


Sitting here, wondering where this will go, yeah
Am I better off running wild, or would you prefer taking it slow? Mmm
Timid girl, black dress, hair tied, how I like it, mmm
Miracle hourglass-shaped lady, is this perfect timing? Yeah

Why don't you stay here tonight? Mmm
Why don't you stay here tonight? Yeah (Ooh)

Yeah, that part me mind
That wan' to hold you close every night
Me step on the road, I'ma grind
Please don't decline
I really love you right, yeah
You're like the stars in the sky
The [?] [1:42] always bright
And I never will deny it
It feels like perfect timing, oh
Hope we never get divided
I really want you for the night

Why don't you stay, yeah, here tonight? Mmm
Yeah, why don't you stay here tonight? Yeah, mmm

Every single minute, every second, yes (Ooh-ooh)
I'll show you I'm yours, yeah (Ooh-ooh)
Let's lay by the fire, baby (Ooh-ooh)
Yeah, we can do it all

Why don't you stay here tonight? Ooh
Why don't you stay here tonight? Woah, oh-oh
Yeah, hey