Lyrics : NANUSHI

(Akachi in this mother f**ker)

This is how we do it, we just rock with it (Rock with it)
Gotta keep a pistol just to pop with it (Just to pop with it)
We be in the movies, she give top sitting (She give top sitting)
Made it to the top, so we is not quitting (We is not quitting)
She gon' call me father, like I'm Darth Vader (Like I'm Darth Vader)
n***as stole my flow on that, but no haters (No hate)
Every girl you f**k with, you call yo' favorite (That's yo' favorite)
I ball till I foul out, but with no flagrant (Ball)
I run to the money, boy, I get a bag (Boy, I get a bag)
Love it when they watch, I get these n***as mad (Get these n***as mad)
Diamonds on my watch, I had to flex the tag (Flex the tag)
Gucci on my boxers, so I had to sag (So I had to sag)

Like I said my, pockets never stop, yeah (They never stop)
Running from the police on the block, yeah (They never pop)
I don't f**k with sheriffs or the cops, yeah (f**k the cops)
Please say nice to meet you to my choppa (Say what's up to Chop)
Pulled up in that peanut butter Benz (In the Benz, too)
She gon' f**k with me and bring her friends (And her friends, too)
Really with the action, not pretend (Not pretend, too)
Staying broke, I can not comprehend (I don't get it, n***a)