Lyrics : Caddy Bump (LBC)

We sellin' Kush and pills
Anything for the dollar bills
They know us in the hood
To the hills
Got these bad bitches and they fills
But this is for my niggas on the front line
Eastside, Eastside, Eastside (Long Beach)
Real niggas grew up in the free lunch line
Eastside, Eastside, Eastside (Long Beach)

It's still a marathon in this mothafucka
Niggas smoking marijuana in this mothafucka
Staples center wearing LeBron in this mothafucka
Kobe Bryant black mamba you mothafuckas
You know what's up, rolling up, pulling up
My committee is showing up
Shooting vidies in my city my niggas is going nuts
We animals lock us up
The director shook as fuck
Point hammers at the camera
What's side are you throwing up
When Jay lost 92 bricks and he had to fall back
Y'all thought it was all rap
Y'all thought it was all cap
For Bloods I know 92 is a small pack
Niggas with submarines dealers that never sold crack
I hang with gangstas who get the party
They came and just get it
Too dangerous to get extorted
When the hit is already done
Banging your shits and we don't play with them niggas
Forfeit the game
Or get murdered and it ain't reported
Mob shit
Tyrannosaurus and black fedoras when we see the pigs passing
The Taurus/the tourists we rap the chorus of
Fuck Tha Police cuz they just got a casket for us
They acting like if you're born black then you're asked for it
I brought that dirty bread home to get my mama some help
I might as well been and gone cuz I father myself
Dropping my baby mama off to college
In my olive Impala
Picture a drop-out who got knowledge to sell, uh
The black man's a god
I'm a own Osiris
Nothing but kings up in here
We are on your highness
Writing songs on papyrus, [purchased by impulsive bias ❓❓]
Skills high
Even bill 9 know the science
Long Beach to Brooklyn that's the code alliance
We eat what we kill that's the code of Lions
Ghetto gods a different meaning for slum lords
Shoot at the pharmacy nigga we about these drug wars