Lyrics : Intro (Woop)

n***a what is you hallering?
I'm eastside f**kin with goblins
Got a hundred stacked in my robins
A b*st*rd's problem
The Phantom got the AR kick
A hundred n***as in the club, I bet they play our sh*t
Play hard with that's [?]
My n***as got Glocks, so no harming me or warning me
n***as [?] no scoring me
In the east I'm that much hotter
A couple n***as want my style, I guess I'm father
Spent 5 on the shoe, I red bottoms my bottom
Had a talk in my dream, told P I got him
we riding
Relly nation, [?], see riders I got them
Headed back with the bottle, but I don't f**k with [?]
Got the 50's on my back, and I only Unit my clothes
That be [?], got a black card, I sware that b*t*h is limitless
Got god on my side, so ain't no fear in me
I'm a lion, you buster, ain't no dear in me
Motherf**ker, I be outhere with the sauce
Look at me like a rapper
Only time I'm half of these nigas is for rappin
You never sold a brick, so how the hell you n***a trappin?
Gangsta in the indistry, in the hood you's an actor
b*t*h ass n***a
Get back to the money, they got the king home, so now we back to the money
Marathon sh*t, I got the whole team running
rockin shows out in London
how we play it
Finger to the law, f**k the judge and the feds
Ghetto ass n***a [?]
so much they know me by my whole name
I'm a boss, so best you run from us
Independent label, we killing them every summer
Ain't ever heard so much real beef doing numbers
n***a I'm a god, I move like god move
And since my daddy died, I stratigise my moves
my n***a, wish I could bring him back
Got some Crips on my team, really got a n***a back
n***as getting money, so they thinking that they real
I been going hard without a deal
Dope had a price, so I double what I'm worth
Sacrifice my whole career just to put my n***as first
Motherf**ker where your chips at?
Sit back and flip that
get back
f**k your set and f**k your friends