Lyrics : Mailbox Money

Sweet water, hidden river
Flows right by my place
Life is slow, fishin's good
That's how I spend my days
I've got a sun-browned local lady
She hails from Bon Secour
She makes the best fried shrimp and collard greens
Cold Rosé is her pour
By now you must be wonderin' how I earn my pay
I write words and music, fact, I write them every day

Mailbox money
Been so good to me
When my ship comes sailin' in I feel like royalty
That old song just keeps playin' from sea to shinin' sea
That mailbox money sure been good to me

The postman starts his outboard
'Cause we get our mail by boat
That song I penned in '81 still keeps our world afloat
If it wasn't for the radio and those Parrot-headed fans
I'd have to get a day gig, which would surely spoil my plans