Lyrics : Cussin’ Island

Hello, kiddies
No, it's not Mr. Rogers
It's Jimmy, with a little tale
Hmm, maybe you'll like this

I know, I never should have written this song
I know, I'm in trouble if your kids sing along
I hope you don't misconstrue
This could be my Waterloo if you do
And I know the same thing could happen to you

Cruisin' down the coast of Panama with my kids
Snorkelin' with the stingrays, 'cudas and the squids
Things were goin' way too well
All of a sudden heaven turned into hell
If you dare to venture out on the ocean
It's unavoidable to face some commotion
My kids were fightin' on the foredeck
What the hell would Huck Finn do?

Hey, young lady. did I just hear you call
Your brother a stupid little sh*t?
You know you're not allowed to use those words
Now apologize lickety split

That's why I'm takin' you to Cussin' Island
Headin' this boat south
I think you should know
That's where I met Cousteau
And we will work on your potty mouth
And when we get to Cussin' Island
I'm gonna drop you on the beach
Anchor way out, get ready for the bout
And watch you exercise your freedom of speech