Lyrics : Moody!

Stay shockin' and they only seen my crew
Bass knockin', they jockin', my five minutes take 'em two days
Stop it, what you have? Tell me, will it die with you?
Impact bulletproof, so we don't got sh*t to prove
Suwoo, on my blood, but we still gon' rock the blue too
He call me a doll, but he don't know that it's voodoo
Sippin' Stella, this my era, baby, it's a new groove
It's water weight in diamonds, you could say I chew with bluetooth
Eye spread, no illness
I snuck up like a mistress
We squeezin' like it's citrus
We ran it up like fitness
They want us gone, so vicious
You on the line, I finish
It's only been a minute
So can I get a witness?

I seen her on my newsfeed, like "Who's she?"
Scary hours, spooky
He love me 'cause I'm moody
Mwah, chef kiss when I'm in it, it's a movie
Wow, your b*t*h hella goin', but she bougie (Yeah, yeah)