Lyrics : A Couple Months Ago (Freestyle)

Everything was all good a couple months ago...
Everything was all good a couple months ago...
Everything was all good a couple months ago...
Everything was all good...

Times like these make you get closer to god
Pray for the ones putting their lives in the way before ours
Feels like just last week same n***as who had jobs
And now they outta work only job is take care of mom
Dad, grandma, and grandpa need help too
Got you looking for answers nothing no one could tell you
The kids home from school
The rent is on the way
Don’t know how we getting by
Wish this sh*t would go away And we need a cure quick
For some reason I feel like the government is doing this
Nothing you can do, and just hope that you get a check
File for unemployment, but how does that make sense?
You seeing all these deaths?
And even more that’s infected
At this point I don’t even care who gets elected
We need more direction
And more supplies, but please pay attention
Think about the lives on the line every second
Seeing it spread more is what we don’t want to see
Never heard them say you can get it from touching the money
A simple exchange is doing the most
Don’t let em get too close, and put on your gloves
We don’t do daps
We don’t do hugs
Feel bad for the ones who was out here just looking for love
We stop thinking about eachother in the times that we should
Don’t let it get to that time that you wish that you could

[Chorus 2x]