Lyrics : Hoes Fav

Yeah (Jay Critch Hood Fave)
Hoes sayin' I'm they fave too
The hoes saying I'm they fave too
Look, uh
Hold on

Hood Fave
The hoes saying I'm they fave too
My life a movie
You know I'm moving with lotta clips like take 2
He think he f**king wit me
He ain't f**king with me that boy offa the K2
Tennis chain hitting like serena
And the cuban hitting like babe ruth
And my chain is too heavy to tangle
She bad and good with the angles
Bro sent em out in a rolls
And they running it back like the Bengals
She got a n***a at home
But shorty jackin' she single
My freestyle harder than your single
I hit ? they covered in singles