Lyrics : It’s Every Mine Yo

Yeah yeah yeah this song's about to be lit
Team 10 year old
I'm in my basement
Minecraft number one

It's every mine yo, when I see that lava flow
2 stacks of diamonds in one week, never done before
Passed all the noob imposters man
Ender Dragon's next
Got all these potion effects
I just do this for the keks
And I'm on hard mode too
And my deaths are only few
This is team 10-year-olds, and Roblox is for noobs
And you better not doubt my hundred mushroom stews
Yеa it's insta-soup too
And I just forgot to mention my mansions I got two
And I stayed up really latе last night
It was 9:52 got the screenie for proof
And my vid recordings too
Don't make me get my crew
Yea we got all the SSundee merch
And houses made of birch
Minecraft's where I'm from, if you don't play then you're dumb
My bow is like a gun
Shooting mobs is really fun
Diamond armor got a ton
Sword with sharpness one
I cannot be outdone
Mineman number one
It's every mine yo
It's every mine yo
It's every mine yo
I said it's every mine yo

You know you can't stop us, can never even rob us
Yes we have traps, and you can't top us
Minecraft blanket on my bed
And if it weren't for my world
Then Minecraft would be dead
You wish you were me instead
You need to go if you think Minecraft's lame, it's the greatest game
Creepers blowing up don't die I ain't a nub
Unlike you I never stop, I never flop
Like Steve who?
Alex who? Who are you?
All these ores I just mined through
Turning 11 in a month what about you?
Haters just make me more well known
You can't beat me I'm in my zone
Strafing you is not a prob you can never make me stop
I'm number one you're number not, I be playing since 1.4
Just look at all these crops and they are all growing
I went in the water now I'll be rowing
It's team 10 year olds
We back again, always win, never lose
So back away or die
You can choose
It's every mine yo
It's every mine yo
It's every mine yo
I said it's every mine yo

Wait wait wait, hold up, can I just go one more verse?
No, this song freaking sucks! It's cheesy, you're irrelevant, stop trying to get views, and just get out of here
Dang it man, okay, whatever