Lyrics : Cartel Planes Government One

Yo Spence, man, whatcha doin' today?
I'm goin' to the store, I'll catch you on the way!
But Spence, man, I got bills to pay!
Bills? Whatcha talkin' 'bout? Bills?

I left the lights on in my apartment
And I dropped my bills down the slot
I gotta go to, up the store now
But my bills aren't paid, uh, no-oh
Best friend just got had like a mom to a dad
Makes me really sad, somethin' quite mad
I wish I could tell him to just lay it off
But I can't 'cause he's my best friend
The government's a sl*t, they got all that I known
And all that I owned, gonna make me pay big time
Big time, big time
Not today
Spendin' the best, never the rest
Following from in your father's footsteps
Father's footsteps, father's footsteps