Lyrics : Fire in the Booth, Pt.1

Ah man, it's got to that all important time of the show once again
My favorite part of the show, Fire in the Booth
Tonight we got a [?] for you, man
This guy's on fire right now
'Bout to have a wonderful 2020
Man like Jack Harlow in the buildin'
What up? What up? What up? What up? What up?
Ready for this Jack?
Let's get it
You know what time it is when you hear this track
(Are you ready to rumble?)
Yeah, yeah
(I know you're gonna dig this)

I got drugs in my body
My girl she a hottie
Ten degrees, gettin' faded off a hot toddies
Me and my brothers gettin' rich like Roddy
In Atlanta and I'm white like Rowdy
I be ridin' shotty with my shawty from NY
She grew up on the train, so I taught her how to drive
Yes I like girls but I'm all about my guys
Climate change real, heard we all about to die
f**k it then let's T up while we can
I've been locked in, I'm tryin' free up when I can
Youngins in the city tryna be us, I'm the man
We been rolling 'round, come and see us while you can
'Cause soon enough, uh
I'ma have to walk around with fellas that be suited up
Know she used to curve me now she tryna come be cool with us
Y'all got insecurities, that ain't got sh*t to do with us
Don't care how they view us, long as they just keep on viewin' us (Perfect)
Ear to the street, you know I'm too in touch
Driven by the fear that I don't do enough
We been moving 'round and now we movin' up
Everybody got opinions but I'm seein' through the bluffs
I got intuition, I'm a genius in the kitchen
This addic make me efficient
Fell in love at Magic, she definitely got a commission
Way too many women, I definitely got an addiction, this a fact
Don't know how I'm gon' shake it, feelin' like I'm goin' crazy
I know I'm goin' crazy
Might just get the chief of police, the wrong baby
I kiss her on the mouth like she my son and I'm Tom Brady
Used to diss me now she wanna date me, I call that a one-eighty
I know it's frustratin'
I don't need no more women, I got enough ladies
But, ooh, she kinda bad, how 'bout just one maybe
Some love me, some hate me
b*t*hes, my c*m tasty
We all got big dreams, some got the smarts but they dumb lazy
Seven side chicks but just one baby
She keep on yappin' and she gon' unchain me
I'm servin' up d**k like I'm Chaney
b*t*h can you blame me, I went from Old Navy
To havin' these clothing brands pay me
Fellas like to talk a lot, wonderin' if I'm soft or not
When you do an awful lot, you don't feel the need
Well I guess that y'all forgot
I'm the illest with the pen, this right here tho' off the top
I f**k up a beat
b*t*h I leave the studio and then I hit the waffle spot
Smokin' out the parkin' lot and then we like to eat
You should know I'm off da’ rock, b*t*h you know I'm insane
We done had plenty fun, now tell me what's your friends name

Jack Harlow in the buildin'
My guy, one take, went in
It felt good, it felt good Charlie
Bodied the ting right now
It felt good Charlie
Hey, yo, you got me excited then I was like "Oh yeah, I wanna come to the waffle spot, hang out in the parkin' lot (Hmm-hmm, hmm, come on)
Do wild stuff
I reckon you got a couple of teens you could line me up with?
What you sayin' Jack, couple of teens you can line me up with?
I only caught a few of those words but I'm feelin' the energy
Hey bro, you went it, I appreciate it, man
Good lookin', thanks for havin' me brother
Hey, and if people wanna find you on the socials, where can they get you, man?
@JackHarlow, J-A-C-K H-A-R-L-O-W, check me out
One take, that right there
That was Fire in the Both (Mad)
Charlie Sloth, baby