Lyrics : Hood Scars 2

Almighty Nate
I said mm-mm, mm-mm, mm
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm, yeah
Said it's on me, yeah

I gave my dawg a couple hundred, told him hold his head
He locked up, so I pray for him before I go to bed
My back was turned when y'all was talkin', but I heard what y'all said
Got all these tears I done formed, but they ain't never shed

They said they went through hell and back when we was livin' there
Tryna last a day inside my shoes when I got different pairs
I can't believe this little b*t*h thought she was slick
I got the spits and then I dipped, I had to show her that I didn't care
I pay attention all the time, you got no choice but to respect it
I can't let them take my life, that's why we walk around with weapons
I can't get you off my mind, it's to the point where I be stressin'
I got played so many times, it was all I expected, nah, nah
n***as televised my pain when I needed help
I always thought I needed you, but b*t*h, I need myself
Who am I to believe a b*t*h when I don't believe myself?
And I refuse to please a b*t*h when I can please myself
I had my back against the ropes, I had to protect myself
The hopes I had were way too high, I used to upset myself
I gave you way too many chances, I had to check myself
How do you expect me to respect you and you don't respect yourself?
You had no reason to do what you did, but you still did it, n***a
They ain't think I'd make it out the hood until I did it, n***a
This for all them days when I woke up and wished I didn't, n***a
And where I'm from, we put in pain before we feel it, n***a