Lyrics : Tidal Wave Remix

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah-

Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, hey
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, hey, hey, hey, hey
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, hey, uh-huh
Yeah-yeah, hey!

Can we vibe just a little?
Before I'm road with sold out shows
Apprеciate a n***a at his lows
Turn up with me at my highs
And I ain't finna knock and beg for morе
If you ready and you with it then let's go
Lift you straight up past the skies
Watch clouds passin by from below
You get high? Do you smoke?
It don't matter, shawty, just do what you want
'Cause I'ma put me on, on my own
I believe in me, so f**k it if you don't
All I'm sayin right here
Is tell me how you feel while you can
Tell me after, It won't matter
Won't believe you by a chance
At a glance? i'ma think you f**kin' trippin' on me, man
If you love me, tell me right here as I stand
As I stand with sixty dollars on a good day
Can't afford a f**k, but I'll f**k you just like I should, bae
Bad and down on luck in terms of love
It's such a hood thang
But don't none of my dreams make any sense widdout u, so hey...
Can we vibe just a little?
That would be a dream come true, uh-huh
Can we vibe just a little?
Yeah, yeah, that would be a beautiful thing