Lyrics : ’98 Bulls Freestyle

f*ck your thirty-for-thirty, I'm one-on-one
Givin' off rope, puttin' opponents in double dutch
Singular focus, triple threat from the jump
Too much drive to fade away in these Nike dumps
Eat rappers for breakfast, songwriters for lunch
Catch up, go hard in the pain and the clutch
Letter lane, got my lane, pass, school me to your game, pass
Yeah, I'll pass on everything but the bump
Game tired, strong D, mean offence
Wannabes playin', go please, you ain't top ten
Couple seasons past beginner's luck
A few multi-plat, beyond givin' a f*ck
Yeah, these monsters nonsense, your beast modes?
I don't see those, I guess you're lochness
I'm stopped in on free throws, got hits, yeah, heaps of those
Franchise player, take the loss on the gym
But keep goin', better devil, the one you know
How you tall poppies? Your statch shorter than Muggsy Bogues
Please, I'm all ears, no lie
I'm Paul Pierce on the mic, no question, I'm AI
Losin' don't compute me and Bluff, ally oup
I will not rest long as there's shots left to shoot
Play ball, man, I'm on my best, when it's war
Ain't no run I test, I run press, I am not impressed
Don the ones for the title defense
Brushed every rival's advance, they hide at the bench
Pushed it up inside of they heads, f*ck walls over beds
I'ma posterise your life, tryna follow me steps
Me vers a whole world seem fit
'Cause in a fair one, you're lost before a ball been kicked
Yeah, y'all wouldn't know what longevity is
Empires rise and fall but legacies live

Pick your role, either be inside it or be inspired
Push peers to leave, retire or reach higher
Process of desire, one
Two, three
Stay three steps ahead before I bounce; travel
Only final scores count; actual
All star, bring that all razzle dazzle
Make things complicated now
Better skate, boy, never catch me on a break, boy
No pool table to sink an eight, boy
Up late, no weight can bake, this a cakewalk
Man, all my joints got 808s, boy
Teen work, make the dream work, listen
I still put my town on my back, who I lent it
They go for my lane, ashamed, the shoes ain't fit 'em
Since all they songs got my footprints in 'em
Play their game to my image, Jerry West
I will not lose, nah, Jigga said it best
Try to catch an L, try again, add apostrophe S
I do me thing, nothing but net
I love this game, stay afloat as the currents change
Let's go, what's another ring?
Man, it's like Jordan to the magic
They only champions of the East in my absence
I got the league shook off the crossover
Got high, got Js, SEA, got Nova
Live from where you'd rather be, no Corona
No to wolves or my timber, Minnesota
I hit the coat of NXL
I never ask nothin' I don't demand of myself
Rather be the bag out the leaders and stand as fell
'Cause history's written by what winners tell, like