Lyrics : 10 Gunners

Everyday i tell myself, Nems you can't fail
Slit your throat ear to ear, now you can't yell
Would you know about not being able to sleep
Cause you had war would you [?] two man cell (true story)
It's all about the war and the peace
That's the part that they know glorifying the streets (never)
Have these pus*y rappers [?] out
The realest sh*t i've done in my life i've never rapped about
Every verse you hear me blackin' out
They say you the realest but im having doubts
Keep talking sh*t i'mma smack your mouse
Playing the god i don't get caught f*cking the pastor's spouse
All these rappers do is tell lots of [?]
If you really hustle then you wouldn't have time to rap
Find a gat click clack have your mind go black
Google maps couldn't tell you where to find a map

You might have thought i was a newcomer
But i've been here for years, but i do numbers

[Verse 2: ILL BILL]