Lyrics : Only Forward

The quotation is from an ancient Roman play by Seneca. An age shall come after many years when the ocean will loose the chain of things and a huge land [?]. [?], these lines are followed by this one : "My father fulfilled his prophecy. When October 12th in the year of our Lord 1492". Today is October 12, 1942. This is our birthday. This broadcast is part of the celebration it comes to you in the principal American languages. And you're hearing it in every country of our hemisphere. Happy birthday everybody!

The grades and the anonymous, the conquistadors, the priests, the prospectors, the traders, the trappers, the band or artist, the leather stockings. Every man of them will move forward valiantly into any part of the uncharted darkness of our new world. He's a discoverer of America

Maybe the unknown can only be explored by men of no imagination but I think you need imagination to make a try. [?] pleasant at first crossing. Somebody once said that adventure is an attitude taken toward discomfort. Imagine the first day of that first Atlantic adventure