Lyrics : The Job

Jimmys in the library talkin'
Not about all the books in da back room
He's having a chat chattin Vinny about moves
Sat in a quiet corner pretending to read a novel
Then Donahue hobbled in they didn't bother help onto his chair they couldn't care less
Tried to brush off when it really it bothered him
If they could careless then why did they bother him
Tried to brush off when it really it bothered him

Injury from a robbery slug
Hit em n properly f**ked cartilage
Had a chopper on him but didn't get to depart wid it
But didn't get to P-P
Didn't get to depart wid it

So let me get to part where it
..becomes sticky like wet varnish is
It was lookin all iffy from when they started it
Talking about the plan n planned it out it sounded marvelous

Jimmy's idea was sutten like a bank job
Managed to make miniature model wid every angle
Covered n color coded he focused upon security
Wondering what they holdin

When it was final, Vinny would stay with Donahue
The night before any madness and jimmy would meet them in the morning
And it was vital, vital that they would get to the back o the building
Bags in a back of the black van, that wud handle the banknotes that would boost any bank balance, of any account by a large amount

So vinny came n he stayed in a box room
Wid a box o da right apparel
It took him ages to find a similar uniform
Vinny wud be a visitor change it up in a cubicle

Pressure was mountin on em
Donahue was getting was gettin nervous
Biting his nails usual
He was wondering if this will be his last big job or his funeral

He was the one, driving the black van away
They only cut him in 20 percent
Cutting it fine and in his mind sutten to vent
Wondering why they wud decide to cut in his bread
Thinkin he'll f**k em instead

He knew that was riduculus
Meanwhile, jimmy was going over the plans
All meticulous
In two ticks he was ready

5am, any Londoner walking the street was either going to work, or they was coming from a club where they was bubblin, bubble inside donahue ..belly rumbling
....wudnt(mad fast) be surprising if he done his stomach in
They were driving drive to the destination
Donahue was looking out the rear view in the mirror cautious
And he was sure that the black taxi behind was followin since dalston
Nah , mind playing tricks on 'im
He smoked coupla zoots before he left
He did a coupla lines
To handle to some of the stress
To handle to some of...

In addition a couple shots o rum
Donahue took a left
Donahue he started talking
Jimmy could smell the weed & alcohol upon his breath